CamelBak Driver Hydration

Driver cooling and the importance of hydration very much comes into focus for the many long distance races and rallies, especially in our warmer months, to keep up the high levels of concentration required to drive consistent and fast.

Key Features of Our world renown CAMELBAK 3 litre Storage Hydration Systems is the fully insulated RESERVOIR CHAMBER, giving double the insulation of a regular pack, and Cool Hydration for Hot Race Car Environs.

  • Quick Zip Loading
  • 4mm Insulated Tube Cover
  • BIG BITE (TM) Valve
  • Insulated Bite valve cover
  • Centre baffling
  • Low profile design
  • Easy to mount inside car
  • Easy to re-fill and add Ice
  • Sold as a Package with Antidote Cleaning System or can be purchased separately. Please inquire for this option.

  Keep you Camelbak Reservoir Hydration System Fresh, Clean and Taste Free with the Antidote Cleaning Kit.  Kit includes Brushes, tabs, hanger and drying arms.  $45.00

Feature Product

Feature Product