Ear Muffs for Kids
Ear Muffs for Kids
Ear Muffs for Kids
Ear Muffs for Kids
Ear Muffs for Kids
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Ear Muffs for Kids


Light, Sturdy, Robust weighing only 190grams our Ear Muffs for Kids and Bubs can be folded up for carrying ease and compact storage. For Kids from the ages of 18 months to mid teens.

More importantly, is their performance in reducing long-term harmful noise at motor race events, concerts, sporting events, air shows, fireworks, even shopping centres, which has been proven to have links to learning problems later on.

These Hi-quality Ear Muffs are Not a toy, with an average noise reduction rating of 26db, complying with the International Safety Standards of both Europe and America.

Available in 5 cool colours NEW COLOUR - BLACK .. from our warehouse, mail order or our On-Track trailer at selected motor race meetings.

 Trusted by V8 Superstars and many others for their children's hearing protection !

Also available are Ear Muffs for Bubs for ages 0 - 18 months in Pink or Blue for $39.00. Uniquely Different design to protect babies growing infant skull. Please see separate entry.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester